College Quest

ENTR 197a: Exploring Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Welcome to E+ lab! E + lab is about Entrepreneurship + Excitement + Empathy + Exploration + Experimentation + Evidence + Enthusiasm + Everybody… anything you can think of that starts with E.

This experiential course explores the practice and underlying theory of very early stage entrepreneurship and innovation with varied economic and non-economic purposes. Developing ideas through application of entrepreneurial and innovative processes is the focus. Students will:

Demonstrate understanding of the processes for opportunity recognition through writing opportunity/problem statements
Demonstrate understanding of the process for early-stage idea development through drawing out ideas in the process framework
Demonstrate understanding of the scientific method to build empathy and engage in evidence based entrepreneurship and innovation through:
Writing idea hypotheses, getting out of the classroom and conducting primary research (effectively engaging with customers and beneficiaries of their ideas) and secondary research (use of existing data) to test their hypotheses and making appropriate adjustments for additional tests
Demonstrate ability to communicate ideas through:
Building and explaining an idea prototype
Creating and delivering a live idea ‘pitch’ presentation demonstrating learning accomplished
Demonstrate basic understanding of teaming through effectively working a with team and completing a peer and self-performance evaluation
Course Objectives
Understand the properties of materials and how they are tested
Examine types of materials, and how their characteristic properties influence their applications
Learn how materials are processed to produce products
Gain knowledge of the processing effects on the microscopic structure of materials
Observe and discover how the microscopic structure of materials affects their properties, and how those properties can be optimized by manipulating that structure during processing
Instructor: Danica Kilander