E+I Minor

Photo by Caleb Albright

The Entrepreneurship & Innovation minor that IDEA offers is multi-purpose, interdisciplinary training which means entrepreneurship is for everyone.  Students interested in business, social entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship or any kind of innovation related to their field of study are encouraged to apply.  Our students come from all colleges and the minor is open to all majors.  

Students on the minor track will take each of the following 3 courses twice (for a total of 6 classes) throughout their time at Western.

ENTR 246 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This course lays the foundations for the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation knowledge, skills and abilities. In the context of new and existing organizations with varied economic and non-economic purpose, students will examine opportunity and how to bring innovation to bear on these through bringing together resources and people to effect desired change. Repeatable up to 8 credits, including original course.

ENTR 346 - Intermediate Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The course builds upon the Entrepreneurship Foundations (ENTR 246) course and provides additional student entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and abilities through increasingly deep and complex experiences in and out of the classroom. Students will engage in creation and development of their own ventures, engage with ongoing ventures and will provide coaching/mentoring to earlier stage entrepreneurship students. Repeatable up to 8 credits, including original course.

ENTR 446 - Advanced Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This advanced course builds upon Entrepreneurship Foundations (ENTR 246) and Intermediate Entrepreneurship Experience (ENTR 346) to provide an outwardly focused, deeply experiential and complex set of entrepreneurial learning opportunities. Students will spend significant time applying the knowledge and skills attained to increase their entrepreneurial abilities through multiple, custom built, highly integrated projects and ventures in real-life contexts. Repeatable up to 8 credits, including original course.



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